Book: Meat the Truth

Book: Meat the Truth
On June 2nd, the Nicolaas G. Pierson Foundation released the English-written, “Meat the Truth, Essays on Livestock Production, Sustainability and Climate Change”. The book Meat The Truth is the continuation of the same titled documentary that was presented in London in 2008, which is now available in 13 languages and 16 countries. Meat the Truth was the first documentary to address the link between livestock farming and greenhouse gas emissions.

The anthology Meat the Truth, Essays on Livestock Production, Sustainability and Climate Change, contains contributions from many scientists, such as Geoff Russell, John Powles, Every Stehfest, Danielle Nierenberg, Barry Brook and Harry Aiking. Researchers from Wageningen UR, who reviewed the calculations of the film, by request of Dutch Minister Verburg and Marianne Thieme, also contributed to the book. Opinion leaders like Mark Bittman (New York Times), Tobias Leenaert (EVA) and Dirk Jan Verdonk have also delivered a contribution to the book.

The DVD of the English spoken version of the documentary Meat the Truth is included in the book. Meat the Truth marks the shift in thinking taking place in relation to the production of animal protein. Al Gore never mentioned livestock farming in his An Inconvenient Truth but now he is very much in favor of reducing meat, as is Herman Wijffels and 700 scientists who signed “call for a sustainable livestock” document, on the initiative of Roos Vonk.

The Nicolaas G. Pierson Foundation wants to contribute to the contribution to the social debate about the consumption of animal protein in relation to the climate problem.