The Nicolaas G. Pierson Foundation has a small staff and regularly collaborates with independent makers and volunteers.

Vera Sýkora is director of the NGPF since May 2023. She studied cultural history and international relations at the University of Utrecht and conducted PhD-research at the University of Amsterdam. She was a translator and editor of popular science books in the fields of history, philosophy, politics and natural science. She has been contributed to the ecocentric political movement for animal rights, nature, environment and climate for years, first as a volunteer at a local level, and later as a staff member of the Animal Politics Foundation, the international foundation of the Party for the Animals.
Anna Krijger studied Arabic language and culture at the University of Amsterdam and worked as a journalist and reviewer of books. In her spare time she volunteered at several animal organizations. In 2021 she decided to commit herself fulltime to animal advocacy and started to work at the ngo Animal Rights. In June 2023 she joined the NGPF team as its communications, organization and research officer. She is currently working on a book on the movement for animal rights in the Netherlands and Belgium, which is due to be published in 2024.
Marjolijn Veenstra studied Animal Management in Leeuwarden and worked at the ngo Bont voor Dieren, the start of a career in animal advocacy. Since 2018 she is a local elected representative of the Party for the Animals in the city of Almere, striving to make it a greener, more caring and animal friendly place. In June 2023 she joined the NGPF team as its communications and project officer and audiovisual producer.