Documentary: The Pacer in the Marathon

De Haas in de Marathon

On October 28th 2002 – for the first time in history – a political party is founded which does not base its policy on human-centric thinking. The Party for the Animals represents a new political movement that attaches importance to an enhanced well-being of animals, nature and environment.

‘The foundation of The Party for the Animals ten years ago was received with much scepticism within traditional politics. However, the Party for the Animals very quickly appeared to function as a pacer in the marathon’, recalls Marianne Thieme – co-founder and party leader. In 2006 the Party for the Animals was elected to national parliament. Today the party additionally comprises a youth organization – Pink – and a scientific bureau – Nicolaas G. Pierson Foundation (NGPF), and is furthermore widely represented internationally.

In commission by the Nicolaas G. Pierson Foundation, filmmaker Joost de Haas has made a documentary on the first ten years of the Party for the Animals. Next to in-depth interviews with the party founders, the film provides an insight into the public reception – in the past and present – of this pioneering political movement, within science, politics and media. During the 10th anniversary gathering of the Party for the Animals on October the 28th 2012 The Pacer in the Marathon celebrated its national premiere. The documentary received wide international attention since and is currently available in 6 languages; English, Dutch, French, Turkish, Russian and Portuguese. The DVD of The Pacer in the Marathon in the webshop of the Party for the Animals.