#Powerpant “Best Feature Film” at Tulum World Environment Film Festival

#Powerplant won two awards at Tulum World Environment Film Festival in Mexico. This festival focuses on films with themes of nature and environmemt and aims to create awareness and discuss the state of our environment.

#Powerplant Tulum

#Powerplant won the awards “Best Feature Film” and “Best Orginal Music”. All music in #Powerplant is composed and performed by Moby, who is also makes an appearance in the film.

#Powerplant provides added insight into the link between climate change and meat consumption, a topic that Marianne Thieme was the first politician to address in the climate documentary ‘Meat the Truth’ in 2007, an issue that has become even more pertinent since then. Moby:

Vegans have found a way to transition from a small activist group to a mainstream movement. It is the new normal.

The Tulum World Environment Film Festival takes place twice a year: the SOL-edition in July and the LUNA-edition in November. #Powerplant will be screened during the SOL-edition, which takes place from 15-21 July 2019, in Casa de la Cultura Tulum, in the beautiful Mexican coastal town of Tulum, near Paya del Carmen, Quintana Roo.

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